Between 14-19 and living in the Tacoma area? Interested in developing your skills and finding your own leadership style? Want to not only learn about healthy relationships, consent, boundaries, and beyond, but teach other young folks about them as well?! We'd love to hear from you!

PEEL's Youth Leadership team runs between February  - June and September - January.  Folks interested in joining one of our leadership program cycles are invited to learn more at a PEEL info night we host at the start of each leadership session. From there, PEEL leaders will build strong connections with one another, learn a lot, talk a lot, make tons of art projects, and learn key leadership skills. 

PEEL Youth Leaders participate in 1 day-long Peer Education training at the start of our program cycle, where they learn key info on sexual violence prevention, anti-oppression, community activism,  facilitation/public speaking and start to bond as a group while exploring a local college campus.


From there, our 2x monthly meetings further these skills with ongoing discussions and youth-led project planning for PEEL Youth Leaders to plan and facilitate 3 or more community workshops for their peers in Tacoma.